Credit Card Processing Package

MD MAHAMUDUR | 932 | Feb/10/2022

One of Simple Retails preferred packages is our Credit  Card Processing Package. This gives our clients full access to Simple Retail with no monthly fee. But that's not what makes this package so appealing. It's our processing rates.

Simple Retails Credit  Card Processing Package offers the industries lowest processing pricing compared to any competitor. For example Square charges you upwards of nearly 3%  for credit card processing, plus a higher transaction fee. Sure it's only 1% but that adds up real quick. That money saved can be going towards your business. Whether its staff, utility bills etc.. 

This is the most lucrative option for clients that are comparing Simple Retail to competitors. Not only does Simple Retail have a robust amount of features that are simplified for users but we also have more than our competitors.

Offering our Point of Sales Solution for free, with the industry lowest processing rates is a no brainer. 

If you have questions about Simple Retail and would like to have an agent reach out and get a demo, click our chat icon on the bottom left corner and well get you connected.

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