MD MAHAMUDUR | 917 | Feb/10/2022

Simple Retail now offers our clients a completely free solution. Meaning no monthly fee, no credit card processing fees. Putting our clients first and giving them an option for the best all worlds. 

Compared to our competitors which force you into either getting charged outrages processing fees or over the top monthly/yearly fees. We've provided you with a simple and free solution

Our Discount Package ( cash discount ) provides you full access to Simple Retail with no monthly/yearly fee as well as free processing.


Simple, we pass that fee to the customer. Which is why this is called "Cash Discount" meaning instead of you paying a processing fee for each transaction we now offer you the option to pass that fee to the customer. So if you do $1000 in a day in credit cards the next day you will receive exactly $1000 and not a penny less. Saving you tons of money to invest back into your business or do with it as you choose. 

If you have more questions and would like an agent to reach out to you click our chat icon on the bottom left corner and well get you connected.

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